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Resident Visa

this is a type of visa for which family members of a foreign resident in Saudi Arabia can apply.

Work Visa

If you need to go to perform professional work with a company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this is the type of visa you should apply for.

Business Visa

this visa allows you to travel on behalf of a company or enterprise for commercial purposes.

Saudi Arabia is a country eager to receive foreign talent, however...
  • Its immigration process is extremely demanding. 

  • Visa requirements are handled independently at each country's consulate, as each is handled by different agencies and with different time frames for approval. 

  • Each case is analyzed in detail for the visa to be approved, from the applicant's country of origin, proof of work experience and training in the area, health certificates, invitation letters, etc. are required.

Starting a new stage in your career is a very important step that involves many changes that you must take care of.


That is why at LHR Americas we make sure that your immigration process to the Middle East is a success and one less worry for you.

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