20 years of experience in mobilization       strategies   allow us to  anticipate  the problems that the Human Talent Department   of your company could face when transferring employees to a new country. We guarantee   support and  accompaniment throughout the entire relocation process.

A services package designed to support the transfer needs of your professionals and executives

Tailor made


Support at

Immigration process

Made up of a legal team, we offer you advice on immigration policy and on the necessary procedures to obtain a legal residence and a work permit for foreigners who are transferred.

We can help you with the immigration applications' preparation and their presentation to the authorities of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Orientation program

Relocating to a new country can be an exciting adventure, but it also creates a lot of anxiety and we have to think about many tasks that need to be done. It doesn't matter if it is the first or the fifth time that we have faced this situation.

At LHR Americas we have formed a team of advisers and "Latin mums"; they both know the destination country and will support you in this task, which ranges from understanding the culture to understanding what daily life is like. In addition, they will give you practical advice and solve those questions that are important to you and your family.

Support at destination

We know that changing homes requires much more than simply moving furniture and appliances. And if you change country and continent, you need to understand what to bring, how to pack and where to put it.

At LHR Americas we accompany you in the process to define the logistics from the moment you make the decision to move to the new country. Our experience is centered in Colombia and Saudi Arabia, where for 20 years we have helped many families to define where to live, accompany them in the search for an apartment, house or villa, show them and support them in defining the school for their children and , in general, everything generated by settling in a new country.