for talent acquisition

Based on Digital Marketing

Create an   unforgettable    experience for the candidate, that is   the goal.  

At LHR Americas, we understand that creating a good candidate experience is key to recruiting outstanding people. A candidate’s experience begins with a good job portal; however, modern talent attraction depends on creating experiences for candidates, while the use of technologies and process automation ease the burden on the talent attraction team

At LHR Americas we help you create strategies and implement the tools you need to achieve it.

Our LHR RIS® methodology has two phases, the first aimed to attracting talent based on digital marketing and a second phase to evaluate candidates based on ATS technologies integrated into the strategic suppliers value chain. At the end of each phase, the engagement and experience of all candidates should be aligned with an EVP «The value proposition you offer as employers».

Implementation stages

At LHR Americas, we defined three levels at which an organization seeking to implement an LHR RIS® methodology can be found. The first level consists of an entry level to Recruitment Marketing as a strategy, areas of talent acquisition are highly reactive and have few levels of automatic measurement of their target audiences. It is followed by a second level where there are automated but disconnected processes between attraction solutions and evaluation technologies. Finally, in the third stage we have organizations that have the talent, the processes and the technologies integrated into highly automated processes.

At what stage is your company at?

Entry level to
recruitment marketing

Highly reactive process, measurement of sourcing indicators are limited, minimum technological capabilities and talent attraction based on manual process or recruiter's email

Technologies are used but they are not connected

They have proactive and automatized processes, have developed recruitment marketing campaigns, use technology to support processes, but it is not fully integrated

Talent Acquisition efficient solutions
are used

The talent acquisition teams work on optimal processes and technologies, onboarding and candidate experience is sound.

Products and services


Job Portal development

We create job portals aimed at promoting your employer brand by creating a unique experience and understanding that the content must be appropriate for the different audiences that visit them, from those who are attracted to the brand to those who apply to their offers.


Social Media Campaigns

An effective campaign must be carried out through different channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, job portals, etc. At the end, it must generate action. At LHR Americas we structure it for you.



When we hire a candidate, the ROI is evaluated; understanding the data early in the process is critical to make informed decisions. At LHR Americas we structure the indicators from the employment portal for you.

Other services

Talent Evaluation

More than just a resume, our assessment’s portfolio includes online services for aptitude and skill tests, behavior and competency tests, English tests, and skills to conduct pre-recorded video interviews.

Xobin pre-recorded video interviews

We license our ATS RIS® technology that includes parameterization tailored to your processes and needs. Includes features for conducting video interviews, and tests application for you to evaluate your candidates.

Portal de

Lhraméricas has its own employment portal and through resolution 00021 it is authorized as a private employment provider agency and offers the positions publication service on our platform and on other portals.