Promoting and
exporting Latin American

20 years of challenges

2001 – 2005

We created an employment agency to bring Latin American talent to global projects.
250 Latin Americans arrived to West Africa for the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline construction, thanks to LHR Americas.
In the first five years we served our first three clients: Global Petroprojects Services (Switzerland), Saudi Arabian Saipem (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Willbros (United States).
For them, we were the international employment agency that brought the best talent to their projects. After various selection processes, we brought in the best technicians and engineers who worked on energy projects (pipeline construction, refineries and petrochemical plants).
After this experience, the EPC projects increased and we understood that it was the starting point to our biggest challenge: the world.
How did we get there with the talents?

More than 250 technicians in different projects turned opportunities into real job offers with the help of our visa and work permit processes managed by LHR Americas.
2005 – 2010

We design strategies to attract talent in Latin America and since 2005 we operate job fairs.
Since 2006, we began implementing talent attraction and selection strategies throughout the region with Saudi Aramco and other global players.
What came next? The first job fair! Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago and Colombia were the destinations, where together with Saudi Aramco the attraction strategy "It's a reality" was implemented, managing to link excellent Latin American professionals to the company, achieving the positioning of this strategy.
The clear idea of ​​positioning Saudi Aramco in the Latin American labor market began by creating a specialized proffesional's community in the energy sector, through our participation in technical conferences in the region. LHR Americas developed recruitment campaigns in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Mexico.
2008: We succesfully managed a job fair on an ATS developed by LHR Americas

For the first time, LHR Americas implements the use of an ATS at a job fair called LHR RIS®.

The epicenter?

The Colombian capital: Bogotá.; city that experienced a massive sourcing process (job fair). The great discovery of this event was the monitoring that could be done to the talents before, during and after the fair; guaranteeing traceability and efficient information management, CVs and results at the different stages in real time.
Next challenge: PaEvent's participation in the Middle East such as MEOS (Kingdom of Bahrain) and SAOGE (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

It was time to sign, in 2009, the first contract with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic), the fourth global petrochemical conglomerate with total sales of $ 37.7 billion.
Since then, we have developed attraction campaigns and regional sourcing in Latin America for downstream profiles, candidate's sourcing and assessment, interview logistics and their mobilization to their new jobs.
What motivated the most?

This year we began to mobilize not only the candidates but also their families to the Middle East.

Sourcing > assessment > mobilization > relocation.
LHR Americas created a strategy that positioned the Sabic brand in the downstream labor market in Latin America along with the company's main petrochemical plants such as Saudi Kayan, Sadaf and Petrokemya. In addition to achieving the positioning of refineries such as Satorp, Petro Rabigh and the Saudi Aramco refinery system.
2010 – 2020

From exporting services to implementing strategies in Colombia
After 10 years of traveling through Latin America recruiting talent for the Middle East, we began to support companies in Colombia to implement new strategies to acquire their talent!

With the use of technology through LHR RIS® , LHR Americas achieved the first job fair for a Colombian company in 2010.
Next challenge: Our energy to support Colombia!

Starting in 2010, we started operations for clients in the energy sector in Colombia such as Ecopetrol, BP-Equión, Cepcolsa, Emerald, Thales, Audubon, Grupo Enel, Kerui and Hocol.
5,000 candidates appeared at the first job fair organized for Ecopetrol, of which 170 received an offer to start working with the company in 40 days since the start of the sourcing. Short time, many sourced.

In different cities of the country, LHR Americas implemented campaigns from communication, management and employer brand's positioning, to the required infrastructure and logistics to carry out the selection process, supported and documented in the ATS LHR RIS®, a platform that allows online administration and reports' delivery in real time.
2014 Challenges: job relocation and immigration procedures

The team was growing more and more. The signing of the contract with Berry Appleman & Leiden (BAL), the most important lawyers specialized in immigration procedures in the United States, located in Dallas (Texas), was only the beginning; towards Colombia we supported Enel and other groups to obtain work visas for their executives transferred to the region.

LHR Americas redesigns its model with methodologies for attracting talent based on digital marketing
Since July 2021, we decided to implement the most advanced technology in ATS platforms; each company can be an expert in attracting talent and LHR Americas is ready to accompany them in implementing and digitizing their talent attraction processes.
2021 post-pandemic challenges: we created products for candidates, launched our new image and partnered with Teamtailor.

New ways of attracting talent began to create recruitment 4.0; where digital marketing, known as Recruitment Marketing, focuses the user experience on modern job portals with technologies that allow transmitting the DNA of each brand in a race to properly position itself as good employer brands.

This is the challenge that comes for this new generation; the use of integrated digital ecosystems that allow us to promote our offers on different portals such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and local portals!

At LHR Americas we are ready for this new challenge! We are experts in attracting talent to our clients, and we do it by adapting to each one of them!

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