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in Latin America.

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  • Do you need to apostille your marriage certificate? 
  • Or legalize the birth certificate of your children?
  • Maybe you have a job opportunity abroad?
  • Or do you plan to continue your studies in another country?

We assist you in the process to take the first step towards that goal or to complete the procedure you need. At LHR Americas we believe that the next challenge is the world!

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We want to transmit you all our experience with international companies in 20 years of history. We have an extensive network of consultants to legalize, translate, and apostille official documents in Latin America.

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– William

I want to express my gratitude to LHR who took care in a relatively short time to advise me with the entire visa process, I sent them everything from my city outside Bogotá and in 10 days they sent me my work visa from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without being present at the Arab embassy in Peru and without going to their offices in Bogotá. Three months ago I traveled with their help to Riyadh and I work here with Black Hawk Helicopters thanks to the LHR team.

– Wilder

I want to thank LHR for the visa process in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia; It was an agile process and led by the best collaboration by the company, for this reason I recommend people who are interested in carrying out a visa process for the Middle East in all its stages, they can do it with all confidence Thank you very much for the exceptional work that LHR team did.

– Fabián

Today I am based and working in Saudi Arabia, my personal experience with LHR was very good, the company and especially the advisor always accompanied me in my process of legalizations, translations and obtaining a visa for Saudi Arabia was very pleasant, dynamic and also simple. LHR’s advice is highly recommended for its professionalism and quality of service.

Do you have any question?

At LHR Americas we always want our clients to feel 100% supported, so if you have any questions about our services, please schedule an appointment with our expert in charge of coordinating our entire network of consultants in Latin America.

– Juan Carlos Torres,
relocation advisor