When the challenge is:
many job openings
and short time.

Designed to fill a  large volume    job openings
in  short time  and give a well-deserved deployment a
la employer  brand .   

Our job fairs not only attract candidates.

Optimized applicant management ensures that your organization is able to quickly assess, manage, and hire quality talent

Ideal for:

Leverage growth peaks

The increase in operations leads to facing a large volume of open positions. What happens then? Do we need to open new service points quickly? Is the operation of a new production unit starting? Do we react quickly to the accelerated growth of a team?

Advance filling of high-turnover positions

In those moments where the capacity of the recruitment team is diminished by the high turnover of open positions, job fairs are a very efficient tool that allows attracting and evaluating a high volume of talents in a short time.

Enter new markets

How to attract the best human talent in this new market? Our job fair strategy is the answer to attracting the talent your company is looking for. This is how our clients, both Latin American and Middle Eastern, have experienced it, when they decided to venture into new territories.


In the execution of new projects, recruitment teams are challenged with high peaks in hiring specialized personnel.
Our job fairs turn out to be the best strategy to face these new business challenges.

Employer Brand positioning

The best opportunity to position your brand when entering new markets, generating attraction, remembrance and highlighting differentiators in the competition for the best talent. LHR Americas supports you in communicating the EVP of your brand.

FAQS Frecuently Asked Questions

Yes, depending on the requirements of our clients, profiles of people who have just graduated can be included in the job fair, as well as there are job fairs where the main focus is hiring junior profiles.

In the last year, we have held 100% virtual fairs with the same level of effectiveness as face-to-face fairs. We hope in the near future to be able to resume our face-to-face events.

The specialties vary according to the requirements of each one of the contracting companies.



Due to the health crisis generated by Covid-19, all phases of the selection process are being carried out virtually. However, if the contracting company requires it, some stages will be carried out face-to-face with all the biosafety protocols.