Structured and objective evaluation processes that allow identifying which candidate has the best chance of success in a role or position. We have various tools and methodologies that adjust to each need.

  • Which candidate will be the best fit and easily adapt to your company culture?
  • What are the true motivations and work styles?
  • How to hire the best candidate and not the most skilled one in the interview?

An unbiased evaluation is essential when identifying skills, competencies and potential to predict an applicant's performance.


Potential evaluation for selection purposes

Good resumes and filter interviews are not enough, which candidate has the best fit to the profile and would achieve better results in the position?

The selection assessments allow to identify, which candidates have the necessary critical competencies, and at what level of development they have them, according to the challenges and demands of the position to which they are applying. They predict who will have the best chance of success performing the role. They shed information on skills, interests, personality and performance traits and whether or not they fit well with your company culture and team.


Potential evaluation for development purposes

We use psychotechnical tools and an expert team that helps you visualize the development level of your team's skills versus those that are necessary for the business success.


Custom made evaluation process

Study cases
Assessment Center
In-depth interview by competencies
Structured interview
Personality tests
Aptitude tests
Intelligence tests
Leadership tests

Proficiency and
skills assessments

Assessments to measure the skills that are needed on the job. They predict the possible performance of the candidate exercising a certain role.


Get to know your candidate on video before making the decision to meet him in person. Candidates videotape the answers to your questions. Expand your talent base with pre-recorded video interviews.


Evaluations that measure personality dimensions and allow us to understand what are the motivations, styles and characteristics of the applicants and their alignment with the culture and challenges of the position.

Consulting in candidate evaluation

We offer consultancies from the competency model 's definition to custom tests and performance evaluation development.