¡Latin American Talent in the Middle East!

Learn about the Saudi Arabia visa boom and the requirements to apply for it.

More and more Latin American professionals are approaching consulates to apply for visas for Saudi Arabia, the Middle Eastern power that now has an emerging and well-positioned economy. 

However, this process has its particularities and demands certain requirements that you should know. 

In order for you to have a clearer understanding of the roots behind this labor migration movement, we will first tell you about the economic context of this nation and why it is now in its new golden age. 

The Saudi Kingdom has very ambitious projects, with a GDP of $700 billion, driven by the oil industry.

But these kinds of plans require a concerted effort and it has just 35 million inhabitants, while countries like Colombia surpass it with 50 million inhabitants. 

So it's simple mathematics, Saudi Arabia requires more labor with very specific skills. 

These are some of the most demanded positions so far this year: 

  • Petroleum Engineer. 
  • Mechanical Engineer. 
  • Chemical Engineer. 

Now you may be asking yourself:

"if I have these skills and I am Latin American, how can I apply for a visa for this country?". 

If you are a professional traveling to perform a work activity with a company based in Saudi Arabia, you must apply for a work visa. 

In general terms, for this visa to be approved; you must have: 

  • A letter of employment from the company where you will be working, certified by the Saudi Arabian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • Passport valid for the duration of your contract. 
  • Signed medical report. 
  • Signed copy of your contract. 
  • Certified copy of your university degree. 

And up to this point everything might seem like a normal immigration process, but visas for Saudi Arabia have certain peculiarities. 

Este trámite y sus debidos requisitos This procedure and its requirements are handled independently in each consulate and the study of each case is extremely thorough, evaluating from the applicant's country of origin, to his or her career and the position he or she will hold. 

Definitely, it is a job that requires precision and attention to detail, because any oversight can cause your visa to be denied or delayed. 

At LHR Americas we have been exporting human talent to the Middle East for 20 years and we understand how stressful this kind of process can be for you, because each case faces very different factors and entities.

It can be very overwhelming if you do it on your own, so if you are a Latin American professional and you are looking to obtain your visa, we can advise you. 

Click here, chat with us and we will answer all your questions.


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