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Camila Resrepo

Are you looking for a platform that allows you to publish on LinkedIn, on a job portal or on networks like Google and Facebook?

The Teamtailor ATS allows you this and much more!

At LHR Americas we are proud to represent Europe's leading ATS, for Latin America and Middle East, because with this platform it is possible to find the talent our clients need in a simple and very powerful way.

Who does it serve?

Human Talent 
Human Talent

Head Hunters


Public Employment
Service agencies

Teamtailor: A tool that has all the functions
that we experts use


What your candidates see; your employer brand and the open positions you publish!

Portal de

Create a job portal where you show your job openings with all your employer brand DNA. After creating it, it is linked to your website so that visitors to your corporate page find the vacancies you are publishing.
Do you want to see an example?


What only we see; those responsible for attracting talent from our organizations!

Platform to create and manage open positions

Create vacancies from the ATS and cover them quickly with the automatic publication of job offers on your portal, on free job portals and on social networks!


Make your open positions more visible!

The function that all of us who work in talent attraction need! In Colombia, through LHR Americas your publications are sent directly to the Public Employment Service, thus saving one more process.

We are accredited through resolution No. 00021 of 2019 as a Private Employment Provider Agency.

Ready to find out more?

European technology and its link with Latin America; the alliance between LHR
Americas and Teamtailor makes it possible!

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FAQS Frecuently Asked Questions

Applicant Tracking Systems are software systems that simplify recruitment processes using Artificial Intelligence to select potential candidates from thousands of applications. Technology identifies who does or does not have the job requirements. ATS's use NLP technology to read resumes and respond to candidates with automated messages, online tests, or scheduling interviews. The time savings are significant, and so is the effort.

Although the main advantage of ATS systems is to improve the efficiency of recruitment processes, the candidate's experience is also very important. The processes' application and monitoring by the candidates becomes simple, and by improving the candidate's experience when carrying out their application, the ability to attract and attract talent is enhanced.

More than 170,000 users and 4,000 companies from all segments in 90 countries are currently using Teamtailor with a very high level of satisfaction, since they have an ATS software with all the possible functionalities and innovations, comfortable and easy to use.

Teamtailor helps any type of company to attract the best professionals in its sector, creating an incredible tailor-made employment channel that converts visits into applications. Very easy to build, customized and optimized for all devices and without the need for technical knowledge. It is also possible to create campaigns to show yourself to candidates who are passive today, but may be active tomorrow. You can segment by roles or areas thanks to the alerts. Recruiters can amortize their time and inform candidates about their process' status at all times. Additionally, it is possible to easily follow up, schedule activities and interviews, add notes and have an activity history.



On average, most companies take around 3 weeks to be fully ready to go live. However, we have seen cases where it takes a short time (2-3 hours) and a long time (2 months). We will do our best to ensure that the platform airs as soon as you wish.





Since charges are based on the number of employees, the pricing structure will be based on the size of your company at the time of renewal





Teamtailor offers the inclusion of all its functionalities and unlimited users under a single plan. Charging based on company size ensures that all companies, large or small, have access to the same experience.







Yes, Teamtailor fully complies with these policies. Both users and candidates can request that their data be deleted at any time.