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The job    opportunity  you long for has more  competition  than ever. LHR Americas has created a series of products that  guide you  in each stage of the process so that you can turn it into a real job   offer.  

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Taller de comunicación efectiva en una entrevista

Why LHR Academy?


Online courses developed by expert head hunters backed by more than 20 years of unforgettable and countless selection processes from LHR Americas with international and national clients.


The online courses are oriented towards the weaknesses most frequently found in the different selection processes.


Our courses are developed by a team of expert professionals in different areas and the highest standards of methodological and pedagogical design.


Access 24 hours a day so you can learn in your spare time and at your own pace, from anywhere and from any device.


Real and interactive exercises to measure and evaluate your progress.


If you feel that you need to deepen into a specific topic, our team of experts is ready to advise you.

The next challenge
is the world!

Once our course is completed you will feel completely prepared to face that interview that can take you anywhere on the planet!

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